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Welcome to the fantastic, sculpted, melted and twisted world of clay animation!  Of all the mediums in animation, it is clay that offers a sensual experience for the animator and the audience.  It's a primal substance brought to life by the hands of the animator.  Produced one frame at a time and sometimes taking years to complete, it is by no small feat that any of the films in this anthology were created.  From the humorous to the dramatic, each film imaginatively demonstrates with wonderful finesse the potential of the art form.  They are articulated visions transforming clay into fluid movements that are visually striking.

The teaser trailer for Feats of Clay features the extraordinary stop-motion talents of Bruce Bickford.  Bickford is profiled in the award-winning documentary currently appearing at festivals called Monster Road.  He has appeared on panels with Ray Harryhausen, Henry Selick and John Lasseter.  You can read part one of our profile on Bickford here.

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