Stash 32

If content is king then Stash 32 rules over a big, crowded, happy country. The trip through the main program starts with the elegant and sensual new Joseph Kosinski/Speedshape Saab spec spot and closes over an hour later with Blur Studio's absolutely mad Victorian slap-stick mech-romp A Gentleman's Duel (short-listed for an Oscar and on this month's cover).

In between these two polar opposites you'll find some outstanding geography and several major landmarks including: Pete Candland/Passion Pictures building a Guitar Hero, Motion Theory climbing inside Sidney Crosby for Gatorade, Aardman and Studio AKA slapping new characters into shape for Nicktoons, Tronic injecting art and style into Target, Freestyle Collective cranking up the creep factor for TCN, Mikros Image Lab unleashing the light fantastic for the new Faithless video, Psyop seducing you for Mastercard, Glasgow's Axis driving Colin McRae fans to the very edge of game cinematic reality, and Fons Schiedon losing his mind for MTV.

And if you watch carefully youíll also catch new, smaller or less-trampled roadside attractions like: Helios blowing up heads real good for Ideazon, Fake Graphics musing cartoonish for Helsingin Sanomat, LUNG and his seizure-inducing video for Trans Am, Isaak Ferna·ndez RodrÌguez and his snappy twist on Batman, and Stink/Ben Dawkins' forest-saving flatulent Squirrel. Check below for the full list of contributors.

The BONUS FILMS this issue are a diverse, quirky and highly personal series of works called Field Trip from Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing a.k.a. Portland, OR, directing duo Impactist.

Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 32 come in the form of six eclectic and expansive downloadable tracks from a collective of musicians based out of NY music house Human.

Also included this month is the second installment of the STEPHEN ARNOLD MUSIC SHOWCASE including 25 minutes of downloadable tracks.

Add all the behind the scenes features and Stash 32 tops out at over two full hours of inspiration.

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