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Sleek new packaging, a jaw-kicking line-up of international animation, VFX and motion design, and two BONUS programs make Stash 19 a collector's must-have issue. Along with the planet's latest and most innovative motion art projects you'll also find a special program of three award-winning graduation films from the Supinfocom class of 2005 and a license-free 6-track music sampler from hot NY indie label Bastard Jazz.

We intro Stash 19 with a jaunty yet apocalyptic self-promo film from Amsterdam's PostPanic before catapulting into ambitious new spots from Fin Design for Toohey's and Framestore NY for Fedex – both of which will figure prominently in awards shows later this year. Then Motion Theory, 1st Ave Machine (on the cover), Sehsucht, NoBrain, Method, Brickyard and Psyop propel us through a feast of CG and VFX work for Lenovo, Adidas, Canal+, Bud and Atari.

The second course starts with a tasty sampler plate of Fons Scheidon's cell phone characters for MTV Asia then serves up a raucous selection of broadcast work including the latest from Passion Pictures, UVphactory, Star Taiwan, Toxic, Big Machine, FoxSports, Buf and highlighted by the unique progeny from the mating of visual pioneers Universal Everything and Renascent.

Heading into the decadent dessert course, we get an eyeful from the UK's Seed Animation with their darkly comic "Freerange" interstitial before gorging on more delicacies like Tokyo Plastic's charmingly-bizarre viral for AMD, Lobo's quirky work for VW and Banco Real, Saiman Chow's double hit of frenetic fun for Kiwi and unexpected high-calorie treats from Duck in LA, Mathematics in Sydney, Make in Minneapolis, Hands Up! In Tel Aviv, Pinthin in NY and Malibu's master of graphic poetry Hee Bok Lee.

Every month STASH DVD magazine delivers the latest and most innovative animation, VFX and motion graphics projects for design and advertising. Commercials, broadcast design, branded content, virals, music videos, game cinematics, short films plus insightful behind-the-scenes extras – they’re all here plus a 40-page companion book of color stills, concise editorials, credits and tech notes. With subscribers in over 50 countries, STASH is the essential resource for ad agencies, broadcasters, animation and VFX studios, post houses, production companies, designers, and schools.

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