Among the 29 brilliant projects on this disk you will find three new viral ads including rude 2D animation in "Modern Toss" from John Link and Mick Bunnage, 3D VFX in Atari "Act of War" from Maverick Media and narrative 3D animation in BMW "Road Monster" from Studio AKA (also the subject of our back page profile).

Also included are big-budget effects work in "Stunt City" from The Mill for Ivan Zacharias and Gatorade "Better than Water" from Method.

We've also gathered must-see pieces from an international array of influential and emerging studios including Psyop, Passion Pictures, Filmtecknarna, Animal Logic, INTERspectacular, Vinton Studios, Ghostmilk, Framestore NY, Stardust, Buraco de Bala, and PostPanic. We close the issue with one of the highlights from the 2005 E3 expo: the epic Hellgate: London game cinematic from Blur Studios.

Stash 10 also features our beefed up and easier to use Behind the Scenes section on the DVD. The BTS for Stash 10 includes insightful segments from Method, Stardust, Hornet, Quietman, INTERspectacular and Vinton Studios.

Delivering the planet's most innovative commercials, broadcast design, music videos, virals, game cinematics, branded content, short films plus insightful behind the scenes extras, STASH DVD magazine is the essential resource for agency creatives and producers, broadcasters, animators, designers, VFX artists, editors and students.

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** WARNING ** One of the pieces in STASH 10 includes sexual content.

The STASH 10 MAGAZINE is included with the DVD!

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