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Stash 08 is yet another treasure trove of animation, VFX and motion graphics gathered from the most important talents on the planet. For example: director Frank Budgen leads off with a spooky Kafka-fest for Mercedes Benz, Shynola return with their retro-vector Beck video, director Spike Jonze is back in action for Adidas and cult stars Tokyo Plastic blossom for MTV. You'll also find breakout broadcast design from Bermuda Shorts, Universal Everything, CA Square and Up The Resolution as well as the new Subtle video from Passion Pictures and the Stranger's Wrath game cinematic from Oddworld.

Stash 08 also features a beefed up and easier to use Behind the Scenes section on the DVD. The BTS for Stash 08 includes insightful segments from Red Rover, Panoptic, KDLAB, Loose Moose and Oddworld.

Delivering the planetís most innovative commercials, broadcast design, music videos, virals, game cinematics, branded content, short films plus insightful behind the scenes extras, Stash DVD magazine is the essential resource for ad agency creatives and producers, broadcasters, animators, designers, VFX artists, editors and students.

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Included with the DVD is the 40 page STASH MAGAZINE, which has cool information about all of the clips in the DVD.


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