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Here is your chance to own the first three Mind's Eye videos in an attractive and convenient limited box set (VHS FORMAT ONLY). The contents of the box include:

"The Mind's Eye", a spectacular computer-animated odyssey through time, combined with original music by composer James Reynolds. The journey begins at the dawn of civilization and moves through the rise of man and technology, on into the future, with breathtaking visual imagery. The upbeat futuristic music, combined with the visual themes, create a combination of emotional and technological imagery with sonic impact.

"Beyond the Mind's Eye" integrates extraordinary computer animation from around the world, with original music scored by Grammy award winning composer Jan Hammer. Included are works from "The Lawnmower Man", as well as animation by Industrial Light & Magic, Pacific Data Images, Metrolight Studios, Karl Sims, and Yoichiro Kawaguchi, etc. The music is cutting-edge Hammer (who scores "note to frame"), capturing the intensity and drama of the spectacular animation contained in this second "Mind's Eye" journey.

"The Gate to the Mind's Eye" is the third computer animated odyssey in the "Mind's Eye" series. The Gate synergizes computer animation artistry and technology with an original musical score by renowned composer Thomas Dolby, creating a very intense visual-music experience. Computer animation from Sega, Boss Films, Angel Studios, Rhythm & Hues, and Kleiser-Walczak, just to name a few, create an unforgettable ride through man's evolution from total collapse to rebirth and into the next step in our evolution.

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