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SAN DIEGO, CA, August 7, 2004 — After much updating over Summer 2004, AnimationTrip.com has launched a major upgrade to its website. Before, the site was little more than a storefront with video clips, but the new site boasts many new features that should keep the animation enthusiast busy.

AnimationTrip.com is quickly becoming one of the premiere destination websites for all forms & genres of animation — featuring ongoing news articles, QuickTime clips of new animated short films, reviews of animated features and shorts, interviews with animators, profiles, a discussion forum, online voting polls for new films, etc. — all to make it a very rich and valuable site for the whole animation community and a great place for fans to learn about the newest animation films and videos on the market.

AnimationTrip.com differs from other animation webzines in that it’s also the largest computer animation DVD store on the web, drawing from the extensive library built over the last 18 years by its parent company, Animation Entertainment. The highly entertaining DVDs available at AnimationTrip.com range from stunning music-driven eye candy to compilations of totally hilarious animated shorts. The site is also home to a diverse slate of special feature-length programs being prepared for theatrical release in 2005, such as Digital Dreams, a showcase for the very best in computer animated shorts, Feats of Clay, an anthology of stop-motion animation shorts, and Anime Film Fest, which features rarely seen works from Japan.

Today, computer animation appears in nearly every feature film and television commercial. But long before Toy Story, Aliens, Titanic, Shrek or The Incredibles, Animation Entertainment was using this cutting edge art form to develop new vistas in visual communication and story telling. Today the company continues to push the envelope in this exciting field of computer animation, via the Internet and through ultra-entertaining DVD products.

Animation Entertainment was started by Steven Churchill and later joined by Chris Padilla, the two men most responsible for introducing audiences to computer animated short films and pioneering the theatrical niche for animation festivals. Churchill produced the world's first computer animation festival in 1986, created the world's first home entertainment videos consisting of computer animation in 1988, and in the early 1990s Churchill produced The Mind’s Eye video series, a Fantasia-like program of computer animation, which is now resurfacing at clubs and raves and has sold over 2 million units to date. Padilla’s Fantastic Animation Festival played in first-run movie theatres across the nation in the late 1970s and made box office headlines in Variety. Its success spurred several take-offs since. In recent years Padilla has also produced various animation events for leading institutions, such as orchestrating the Hollywood premieres of Disney’s Princess Mononoke and DreamWorks' Millennium Actress for AFI Fest, presenting an 85 year retrospective of stop-motion animation with Henry Selick at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and organizing computer animation conferences with ILM, PDI, Pixar and other leading studios.

In the coming weeks new additions will appear at AnimationTrip.com, including interviews with other world-class animators, profiles of the high-end animated intros for video games, and will soon introduce The Museum of Animated Commercials, which pays tribute to the medium’s best TV spots.

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