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AnimationTrip is licensing its highly entertaining video content, available for public performance, corporate presentation or meetings, tradeshow display, airline use, etc. We own the rights to the largest library of CGI shorts in the world, hundreds of world-class computer animated short stories and visual-music clips. Our films contain some of the most advanced, entertaining, innovative work in the computer animation industry today.



Comedy, drama, music-driven eye candy and everything in between, our CGI shorts are created for all ages. These short films come direct from our popular DVDs, which are compilations of the greatest award-winning pieces from the computer animation field. We’ve sold millions of copies, always keeping a step ahead of the constant growth of the industry, with new releases coming out all the time from some of the most respected and up-and-coming artists in the world.




Fans of all ages have always enjoyed the immediate entertainment value of our films. With a growing need for fast-paced, attention-grabbing storytelling that is up to speed with the interest capacities of twenty-first century viewers, our films are specifically charged for easy watching and immediate enjoyment.




Most of our films are 2-5 minutes, jam-packed with explosive humor and stunning visual impact. Most of our CGI shorts don’t contain dialogue, effectively relying upon great visual story telling technique, sound effects and music to convey the story line. Many fans enjoy our world-class short-form narrative pieces, loaded with so many laughs and adventures that viewers will want to watch them again and again. Many others are addicted to our visual-music shorts, which feature mind-blowing visuals, synchronized to cutting-edge music.





We are truly a pioneer in the computer animation field, and continue to lead the way in presenting cutting-edge CGI shorts to viewers worldwide. It is for this reason that our video content is an extremely valuable asset for Video On Demand (VOD) distribution for the consumer and home entertainment marketplace. Take a look at our Demo DVDs, and we know that you’ll agree.





Demo Reels available upon request:


AnimationTrip CGI Shorts Reel

AnimationTrip CGI Visual-Music Reel



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